Monday, August 20, 2012

Danskin Recap

Woke up around 4.  Had coffee and  peanut butter/banana toast for breakfast, got dressed and headed out.  I met up with Erika around 5:15 and we walked down to transition.  I was worried about parking but it was pretty uneventful.

We arrived at transition a few minutes before it opened. That has never happened before.  Once it opened I got my stuff set up.  Again, uneventful. 

Since I registered the day before I was stuck in the last wave of individuals.  This was about an hour after the first wave.  Thankfully they didn't close transition, so I was able to keep my warm clothes on until the last minute.   

I knew this was going to suck. Being in the last wave of a big "first timers" race is not the best spot to be in if you're a decent swimmer.  The first quarter wasn't bad.  Then I hit a traffic jam.  I ended up swimming REALLY wide to try to avoid everyone.  I was extra cautious not to run into or over people because I knew most of the ladies still in the water were having a hard time.

Rank- 112/1529 over all
They don't break down each event by AG.  There were too many people for me to figure out my AG rank. 

The run from the lake was pretty far.  I was pretty quick getting my shoes and helmet on.  Not much I could have done to make this faster.  Maybe run faster from the lake.


I really wanted to ride fast.  The course was pretty flat except a short steep climb up to 90.  This was tricky because there were a few people riding very slow and a couple getting off their bikes to walk. I was able to get around everyone without much of a problem.  There were a lot of people on the course but the lanes were wide enough that passing wasn't too much of a problem.  There was a crazy crosswind coming back across the 90 bridge.  Other than that it was a pretty easy ride.

MPH-19.4 (This is really fast for me)
Rank 84/1529 (my bike rank has NEVER been better than my swim)

This is slower than it should have been.  It took forever to get my socks and shoes on.  I also had problems running with my bike.  Not sure if my legs were tired or what.  I need to work on this.  


My legs felt much better than I expected. It took a few minutes but I found my stride pretty early.  I looked at my Garmin at mile 1. I was at a 8:50 pace and was super happy about it.  Shortly after that, my Garmin died.  My legs felt good the whole race.  My lungs were a different story.  I'm coming down with a cold or something and breathing wasn't easy.  There was a hill at 2.5 miles.  That sucked.  I forced myself to run the whole way, but a few people passed me on the hill. I pushed as hard as I could after the hill.  All in all, a great run for me.

Pace- 8:30/mile
Rank-183 (sucks to lose 100 places on a 5k run)  

Overall Time-1:24:33
Overall Rank- 70/1529
Age Group Rank- 10/142

I am super pleased with this race.  I couldn't have asked for more.  I'm hoping this race will give me the motivation I need to jump start my training.