Friday, March 28, 2014

Important Things

Sometimes I lose track of what's really important in my life.  This time of year I get so focused on my training schedule, I forget it shouldn't always be my top priority.  Sure, it's more important than laundry, making beds, doing dishes......but there are other things that should come before it.

I blew off my training yesterday and today, and I don't feel one bit guilty.  These two days have made it clear how, although training is important to me, there are many things that are more important.

Yesterday Brian had the day off.  I had a run and a swim on my training schedule.  I decided some alone time with Brian was more important that training.   We had a great day.  A lunch date and movies on the sofa.  I know, we're wild and crazy.

Today I had a run/swim (moved it over from yesterday).  Instead, I ran errands so I could donate food to a friend who is cooking for the rescue workers at the Oso mudslide.  Then I volunteered at Pnut's school.  I'm pretty certain both of those things are more important than training.

I could have done something after I got the kids from school, but we had pizza and game night.  Again, family time is more important than training.

I'll be back at it tomorrow, but for now, I'm going to pretend I'm Darth Vader and let Little Dude kill me with his light saber.

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