Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good Enough

I'm about at the end of my rope.  I have somehow become Room Mom for Little Dude's class.  I'm doing volunteer training for Pnuts school tomorrow so I can work in her classroom.   Speaking of Pnut's school, it's a 30 min drive, each way.  This is a ridiculous amount of driving.  We also have swimming, gymnastics and a crazy amount of birthday parties.   I should say that all of this is exactly what I've always wanted. Not the drive to Pnut's school, but everything else.  The whole reason I stopped working was so I could do these things.   So why is it so difficult?

I once read a parenting book that talked about "good enough" parenting.  I thought the idea of this was silly.  Is being "good enough" really enough?  Shouldn't we strive for a little more than good enough?  I'm trying, but it might be killing me.

I'm trying to eat better and trying to get my family to eat better.  This means a lot of cooking from scratch and a lot of listening to people complain about what I feed them.  I end up getting frustrated because I spend so much time and energy (and money) making food that's good for them and they don't eat it.  I keep telling myself if that's all they get, they will eat it.  But I end up caving and buying crap.  I guess sometimes crap has to be good enough.

Other than the school stuff, I'm trying to figure out Pnut's sinus issues and my own allergy/sinus/asthma stuff.  I'm so tired of dealing with it.   I'm taking Pnut to a nutritionist to see if she might be allergic to something.  We are going on  year 3 of trying to find answers.  I'm so sick of it.  I hate that she lives in a constant state of uncomfortableness.  I hate that no one has figured out what is causing it.  No one is really even looking for the cause, they are just looking for a fix.  As much as I don't want to do anymore, I feel that this is not a time when "good enough" is enough.

As far as my stuff goes, I have an appointment with an asthma/allergy specialist on Friday.  I'm hoping they can help me out and I can get back to training.  I tried to run a few days ago.  I made it a mile before I started coughing up gross stuff.  For the rest of the day and the next couple days I was coughing and wheezing.

I haven't consistently trained since March.  It sucks but there is nothing I can do about it.  I'm hoping I'll have some answers Friday.

So, bottom line...I can only do so much.  I can't be great at everything, it is too hard.  Sometimes I just have to be good enough.


  1. I get the impression that you are better than what's considered "good enough." Many moms wouldn't devote themselves to their kids like you do. You are doing a fantastic job!

  2. You are way more than "good enough" and I think you are a fantastic mother!

  3. Just came across your blog from Running with babes. LOVE THIS POST! I totally agree! We are competent women who want to be more than 'enough' being at home with the kids, but it's hard to see it in the everyday details. I hear you. I bet you're awesomer than you know.