Thursday, August 22, 2013


If this is true, I am certainly a good mom.  I woke up this morning and couldn't believe the state of my house. That is saying something.  I am certainly no June Clever.  Things are always a little chaotic here.  But this summer has taken it to a new level. 

In Seattle, it's important to make the most of the summer.  Gray, raining days are just around the corner.  So, the kids and I have been making the most of our last days.  I have no time, or energy for cleaning.  

For all the "I must enjoy every minute of summer" talk, I'm starting to crave the routine of school. I'm looking forward to schedules, sweaters, and soup. And the new season of NCIS :)

We have 2 weeks until school starts. Two weeks of swimming pools, parks, staying up late(ish). Two weeks of nothing we HAVE to do.  Two weeks of lazy mornings.  I'm going to enjoy them, but I do need to do something about the laundry....or buy everyone more clothes.


  1. I like sweaters too. But, I'll take the sun for a little longer :)

  2. Enjoy the last 2 weeks! Everything else can wait :)

  3. I am ready for soup and sweaters too, I hate being so hot all the time! My kids went to school Wednesday and I can't believe how quiet the house is now.