Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I think when you are busiest, your priorities become very clear.  Today is a crazy busy day for me.  From this busy day, I have determined my top 3 priorities.

  1. Food-I ate all day.
  2. Training- I squeezed in an hour bike and 4.5 mile run this morning.
  3. Family- Getting the kids back and forth from school. Taking Little Dude to speech.  Taking Pnut to basketball. Making sure everyone has dinner ready when we get home tonight. (It all comes back to food).  Sometimes remembering to get Brian's dry cleaning :)
Things that are not priorities.
  1. Laundry-I'm pretty sure all our clothes are dirty.
  2. Dishes-There might not be any clean.  They are all in the sink.
  3. Showering-I was too busy training and eating. No time to shower.  

So for the next 9ish weeks, I'm saying no (smilingly, pleasantly, and nonapologetically) to things that are not priorities.  Hopefully things will not fall apart.

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