Saturday, May 24, 2014

2 Weeks Left!!

Two weeks from right now, I'll (hopefully) be on the run in Boise.  I'm finally starting to get excited.  I'm still nervous and wonder if I've done enough to prepare.  I try to look back at what I did last year and compare. I'm pretty sure I didn't feel totally prepared last year either.

I am confident I can finish the race.  I'm confident I can improve on last year.  Is there really anything else I need to do?  I have time goals in my head.  Goals that are probably pipe dreams, but goals none the less.

Here is what I'm hoping for.  Again, a little pie in the sky, but worth trying for.

Swim-38:00 (2 minutes faster than last year)
Bike-3:25:00 (18 minutes faster than last year)
Run-2:15:00 (25 minutes faster than last year)

That would get me around a 6:20:00 race.  I'd be SUPER happy with that.  Last year my nutrition (or lack of nutrition) killed me.  I feel like I'm on top of it this year.  I've learned my lesson after the bag of goo from last year.
This is what happens when you leave chocolate protein bars on your bike for a few hours.

Now that my super secret goals are out there for everyone to see, I'm reminded of this quote.  I'm thinking about taping it to my bike :)

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  1. Getting very excited for you. I think they are great goals. I will have to remember that about the chocolate bars. Thanks!