Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One step forward, two steps back

I was feeling pretty proud of myself this morning.  Since we can't leave the house, I decided I would do my best to clean it.  I made some play dough for Pnut and Little Dude.  I gave them each some cookie cutters and a rolling pin.  I went upstairs to put way laundry and try to organize my room.  30ish minutes later I went down stairs and found this..
Every dish and utensil they could reach.  That is my Cuisinart mixer and a hard boiled egg cutter.  What you can't see is all the play dough on the floor.  I should have expected this.  I should have prepared for it.  But in my head, they were downstairs playing nicely (and cleanly).

My laundry is put away and I organized their closets (a little).  But at what cost?  Of course I had them help me clean, which led to broken glass on the floor (more to clean up).  So, I think I came out behind on this one.

This gets me to another mess...the playroom.  The playroom is right off the kitchen.  I thought this would be a great place for it.  I'm always in the kitchen.  Pnut and LD could be playing while I am cooking.  Here is what it looked like when I finished it.

This is what it looks like today

For the first week it was great. I was able to be in there with them, reminding them to put stuff away. Pnut is pretty good about it.  LD is a disaster.  It is unrealistic, at this point, for me to expect him to keep it clean without some help.  I need to spend more time with him in there, showing him what I expect.  I know if I put the time in now, it will work out in the long run.  But I have SOOO much I want to do.  In my head (where things are often better) they would play in there and I would do what I need to do.  It's not working out for me.

So, I'm off to "help" them clean.  Then maybe I'll plop them down in front of the tv so I can get something done.


  1. I love it when my husband is home on the weekends and insists the house be cleaned. I get the kids to help put all the toys away and then my 2-year old starts screaming at us and proceeds to dump over every. single. toy bin. I am putting my cleaning on hold...for like 5 years :P

  2. We have a playroom too, that the kids rarely use. At this age they like to be where I am, but that can be frustrating. Hang in there. There will come a time, I am sure, when I wonder why they do their best to stay out of the room that I am in.