Monday, February 20, 2012

Set backs

Pnut is sick.  It could be a cold, it could be whooping cough.  Someone in her class was diagnosed with whooping cough.  Otherwise I would just assume it's a cold.  She was tested this morning and we should know tomorrow or Wednesday.  For now, she can't be around people.  Except her family, all of whom I'm sure will come down with whatever she has.

Last week was my first solid week of training and eating right in a long time.   I missed a run this weekend and my diet could have been better, but over all, not bad.  This week is not starting off great. I can't take Pnut to the gym until we hear from the doctor.  If we get results tomorrow, and it's negative, we can go tomorrow.  If she does have whooping cough, she can't go all week.  When am I going to get 25 miles of running in if I can't go to the gym during the day?  And I would really like to get at least 1 spin class.  My options are limited and none are ideal.  

It is important.  I'll find a way.  I'm guessing it will involve 5am or 9pm work outs, but I will find a way.  I'll check in Sunday to let you know how I did. 25 miles of running is a must.  The spin class would be the cherry on top.

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