Friday, March 9, 2012

Good To Go....I Think

Back from the doctor.  He doesn't think it's a stress fracture.  He did not take an xray or suggest an MRI.  I'm a bit worried.  I've never seen this guy before.  And he's not an orthopedist.  Does he know what he's talking about?  He suggested taking an anti inflammatory for 3 days and trying to run on flat ground, not hills.  Easier said than done around here.  He said not running until I was pain free would be the best option but he didn't seem to think running would cause any more damage.  This is where I'm concerned.  I'm super excited he said I could run.  But what if he's wrong??  I've always heard shin splints can turn into stress fractures.  But....I've never gone to medical school. I'm assuming this guy did, I didn't check.  I'm not sure what to do.

One more good thing about the doctor visit...I am an inch taller than I thought (So much taller than you, Kelly!) and I've lost 3 pounds since I last checked :)  To celebrate (not really)  Brian and I took Little Dude out to lunch.  I ate a 3 pound burger.

Right now I'm going to take a nap.  Pnut had a nightmare last night so I spent a good part of the early morning hours in her twin bed.

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  1. Shin splints suck!! I dealt with them for the first 5 months after I was cleared to run after having my baby girl. They mainly come from doing too much too soon and not adequately stretching but can also come from weak glutes. Check out for stretches and take it easy on the running for a couple weeks if you can. I laughed at the losing 3 lbs and then eating a 3 lb burger, soo something I would do! I am endeavoring to eat healthier, I do about 80% of the time but its that 20% that gets to me.