Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Goals

On to March.  One of my favorite months.  Not just because it's my birthday month.  It's the beginning of spring.  As I look outside at the snowy/sleety/rainy weather, I'm ready to be one step closer to summer.

I'm going to limit my March goals.  I tend to have too many. I can't keep track or keep up with all of them.
So here's what I have:
  • Get all my training miles in.  The Mercer Island Half is 3/25.   I have 96 miles to run between the 1st and the 25th.  I'm going to say 100 miles for March.  
  • Run the Mercer Island Half in less than 2:05.  I think this is doable but it will be a PR by a lot. My fastest so far is 2:17.
  • EAT BETTER!! This is a bit more complicated than the first two.  I'm trying to figure out exactly what this means.  I would really like to lose a few pounds (I know, who wouldn't).  I say 10 pounds.  I'm not stuck on the number.  If I feel better after losing 6 pounds, I'll stop there.  Clearly I'm not losing 10 pounds in March, but I'd like to get a good start.  I'm hoping for 4 pounds in March.  

For the record, I haven't been to Mc Donalds in probably 8 years, but you get the point.  I might run 100 miles in a month but if I don't change my eating, it's not going to be enough.

I think instead of talking about all the things I'm NOT going to eat, I'm going to focus on what I will eat.  
  • I will eat more fish
  • I will eat more vegetables
  • I will eat more fruit
  • I will drink more water.
In my head I have a list of DO NOT eats, but I'm going to try not to focus on them.  I think I get overwhelmed if I spend all my time worrying about what I can't have.

So there you have it.  100 miles in March, a sub 2:05 half and -4 pounds.  Good thing March has 31 days!

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