Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year

Since I'm having a "me week" I figured I'd start thinking about 2014 goals.  I'm sure I should talk about last years goals, but I don't feel like rehashing 2013 just yet.  I think I need more time to reflect on the year.  For now, I'm ready to move on to 2014.

2014 goals

Family Goals-(If you read last years goals, these are basically the same.)
  • Have at least one family adventure a month. (This was so much fun!)
  • Have date night once a month.
  • Help kids become more independent.
  • Have family dinner every Sunday.
  • Create recipe binder.
  • Plan and prep meals for the week on Sunday.
Personal Goals
  • Find out what foods are not helping my body and eliminate them from my diet. (unless it's wine.  Then I'll suffer.)
  • Continue my strength/stretching from PT.
  • Go to yoga once a week.
  • Finish Boise in 6:30.  Last years finish was 7:16.
  • Run and finish my first marathon with a smile.  
  • Finish in the top 10 at Iron Girl Seattle. This might be tough, considering it will be in the middle of marathon training.  
What are your goals for 2014????  


  1. I am hoping to just stay healthy and uninjured. I do want to run 14 races and am registered for 4 already. No mile goal, just run and see what happens.

    I would like to have more family time together that does not involve the Wii. That is pretty much it.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Family time without Wii is a great idea! Good luck with your races.