Wednesday, April 30, 2014

55 Miles

Here are a few reflections from my 55 mile ride today:

  • Riding a bike is fun
  • I love the sun
  • Riding a bike in the sun increases the fun of biking
  • I need new bike shorts
  • If it's sunny, you should wear sunscreen 
  • If it's a beautiful day, chances are you won't be alone on the trail
  • Around mile 48, I wanted to punch people in the face (I was hot and tired and hungry)
  • A lot of people roller blade
  • I need new bike shorts
  • I have met some great people out here (Lindsay who rode the last 25 miles with me (I didn't want to punch her in the face), and Jennifer who picked Little Dude up from school because my bike took longer than name a couple)
  • Riding 55 miles in the sun will cause me to be useless for the rest of the day
  • Did I mention I need new bike shorts?