Monday, December 31, 2012

2012-The Year of the Doctor...and more

2012 was a year of illness and injuries.  Stress fracture, pulled muscles, sinus infections and bronchitis.  I've had enough drugs and doctors to last me a life time.

I have decided to ignore the negative.  I'm going to focus on the wonderfulness of 2012.

  • We moved to a great house in a neighborhood we love.
One of our first neighborhood walks
  • I found beautiful places to run.

  • Had new adventures.

  • Introduced the kids the beauty of a long hike.

  • Penelope did her first triathlon

  • Made new traditions.

  • Qualified for the 2013 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships.
10th in my AG :)
  • Celebrated our 10 year anniversary.
Seems like a lifetime ago

  • I some how have no pictures of Thanksgiving or Christmas.  But we did celebrate them, and they were fun!

  • We played until we were exhausted.

I can only hope 2013 is as wonderful!!

December Recap

Week 1
  • Starting weight-131.9
  • Ending weight- 129.1 
  • Planned workouts-6
  • Completed workouts-5 
I have been watching what I eat, but 2 pounds is crazy. Was not expecting that.  I'm upset a I missed my swim yesterday, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it.  Boise is 6 months away. I have time.  I will get everything in next week.

Week 2
  • Starting weight-129.1
  • Ending weight-129.8
  • Planned workouts-5
  • Completed workouts- 3
This was not a great week as far as training goes.  It was Pnut's birthday.  She is 6 years old!!!  Between getting everything ready, having her party, having her school celebration, and having my mom here, workouts were hard to come by.  I also got sick.  I have a sinus infection.....again.
As far as the weight goes, I'm surprised I didn't gain more.  Pnut's cake was yummy, if I do say so myself :)  I'm still 2 pounds lighter than when the month started.  I'll take it.

I did get a bit of an ego boost this week.  I got an email from USTA.

Congratulations CHRISTY . You have qualified for the Olympic-Distance race at the 2013 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships on August 10 in Milwaukee, Wis., after finishing in the top 10 percent in your age group at the Danskin Triathlon

How cool is that?!?!!?  I doubt I will go, but it is still awesome to qualify.

Week 3
  • Starting weight-129.9
  • Ending weight-127.5
  • Planned workouts- 5
  • Completed workouts- 0 :(
This week has been MISERABLE!  I was dealing with the sinus infection, which led to a HORRIBLE sore throat.  I was in tears Thursday night. It was so painful.  Pretty sure the weight loss was because it hurt too much to eat.  Certainly wasn't from exercise.  I'm going to put this week behind me and move on. 

Week 4 (I'm including the 29th-31st in this week)
    • Starting weight-127.5
    • Ending weight-128.2
    • Planned workouts- 8
    • Completed workouts- 3 (and these were not workouts on my training plan. These were just get to the gym and do something)
    The last week of 2012.  Crazy.  I finally got over my sinus infection this week and the kids were healthy, for the most part. Unfortunately Brian got sick.  It is always something!!!  My sister came to visit, which was fun.  And of course, Christmas!!  We had a great day.  I'm not 100% sure why my workouts didn't happen this week. There was a ton going on, but I could have fit them in.  

    So, how did I do with my December goals?  

    Goal #1-Get in ALL my training sessions- Fail.   EPIC fail.  I didn't get 1 week with all of my training sessions.  I know I was sick, and it's early but things need to change.  

    Goal #2-Lose 2 pounds- I'm down to 128.2.  Lost 3.7 pounds.  WAY better than I expected. 

    Goal #3-Enjoy the holiday season!!-I enjoyed most of the season.  The days around Christmas were tough, with Brian being sick. It was great to see my mom and sister this month, and I have been enjoying the extra time with the kids (most of the time).  I'll say #3 is a win.

    Not the month I was hoping for, but is it ever? Tomorrow is another day, a new month, a whole new year.  

    Happy New Year!! Stay safe.