Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why I Tri

The last few months I have been struggling to find motivation to train.  I recently asked myself why I'm doing this.  I'm not getting paid.  It takes a lot of time, energy and money.  If i'm not having fun, why am I doing it? I have always enjoyed racing.  Most of the time I've enjoyed training.  2 hour rides on a bike trainer, in the basement, sucked but for the most part, I've enjoyed it.

So I told myself I need to figure out why I'm training, why I'm racing, why I'm Tri'ing.

My first triathlon was in 2004.  I did it as a challenge.  I wanted to see if I could do it.  The challenge was fun.  I did 2 more races before Brian and I moved back to Baltimore.
Before my first race.  I was terrified!
A year later at my first Olympic distance. 

Back in Baltimore, triathlon became a social thing, as well as a challenge.   I had friends to train and race with.  I pushed myself to do harder races and longer races.  It was fun.

My first Columbia Triathlon.  

My first Half Full
My first 70.3

So now, back in Seattle, where it all began, I'm in a motivational funk.  The social aspect of training and racing is gone, for the moment.  But is that reason enough to give up on a sport I once loved?  I don't think so.  I was alone when I started my triathlon journey.  I can do it alone.

What is it I want out of this? Why do I tri?  Here's what I've come up with so far:

  • To be healthy
  • To do something for me
  • To be able to eat pancakes without feeling guilty
  • To know what it feels like to push myself further than I thought possible
  • To get an endorphin rush
  • To enjoy a cold beer after a 50 mile bike ride
  • To feel the rush of adrenaline when I jump in the water and the horn goes off
  • To be a triathlete
These are the reasons I started and these are the reasons I will continue. I look forward to making new triathlon memories.

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