Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Put Up or Shut up

Lake Stevens 70.3 is 75 days away. My training has been a joke.  Seriously, a joke.  I'm embarrassed that I'm even talking about doing this race in light of the lame training.

I have a little more than 10 weeks.

Good news, I found a 10 week training plan.  Bad news, I'm a little scared.  Can I be ready in 10 weeks?  I took 20 weeks to train for my last half.  And I still can't really run.  I'm up to 2.5 miles.  Will my shin be ready to run 13 miles in 10 weeks?  I don't know.

Why am I doing this?  It's a challenge.  It's me pushing myself.  It's me not giving up.  It's me showing Pnut and Little Dude to follow their dreams, to not quit because something seems too hard.


I'm not going to let fear win.  

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