Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It is April 25th and it's 55 degrees and raining.  The pollen is so ridiculous I might never be able to go outside or open a window.  My nose is running, I have a sinus headache and a cough that has kept me up the last 2 nights.  Not to mention a, maybe, stress fracture that has been lingering for the last 10 weeks.  I would like to go into hibernation.

I found this photo on The Gracious Pantry Facebook page.  It is perfect for me today.

I feel like crap today.  I'm tired and it's hard to breathe.  The Seattle Rock n Roll Half is 59 days away.  Lake Stevens 70.3 is 81 days away.  I really want to race (and do well) in both of these events.  Hibernating probably won't help.  I don't feel good, but I have work to do. 

I should probably do some laundry and vacuum as well...


  1. Sorry you're not feeling good. Hope you feel better soon and the pollen clears so you can train again :)