Friday, April 13, 2012

Plan B

I did not have a Plan B today.  My plan A was to take Pnut to school, go to a spin class and get in a quick swim. Instead, I ended up at the doctor, certain that Little Dude had broken my toe.  He fell, and his knee, and his 30 pounds, landed on my toe.

An hour, 3 xrays, and a few "I can't believe you're letting your son do that" looks later and I found out it was not broken.  I was shocked and thrilled.   The doctor said I should ice and elevate my foot.  This seems like a lot of effort for a little toe.

I hobbled to the car and sat there, wondering what to do.  Broken toe or not, putting bike shoes shoes on would REALLY hurt. I spent the next hour or so pissed off that my day was not going as planned.  I wondered around, wondering what to do.  How did I get in such a funk?  My toe hurt and I spent an unexpected hour at the doctor's office. Was it really that big of a deal?  No.

I'm about to put Little Dude down for a nap.  I could use this time to be pissed off my day hasn't gone as planned or come up with Plan B.  Only one of these options would be productive.

I can't let an unexpected morning ruin my whole day.  I need to move on to Plan B.  I have to be flexible.  This will not be the last time Plan A gets screwed up.

What do you do when Plan A doesn't work?


  1. I like that photo you put at the beginning -it is so true that there are 25 more letters!! I usually just try to patch things up and move towards another plan the best I can. It's hard though since my brain is focused on one thing and to get derailed is tough. Keep your head up the best you can!! :)

  2. Actually I find it very productive to start with plan B or sometimes Plan C or D - not trying to be pessimistic, just practical. That way if Plan A actually works out that is an added bonus. { BTW - my bike saddle also feels like I'm sitting on a brick esp. at the beginning of the season. But after a few months I'm used to it and so have never swapped it out....although every January when I climb on it for the first time in months I always swear that this is the year I get rid of it and get a different one. Let me know if you try something else and what you think of it}
    donna - (