Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I REALLY want to do Lake Stevens 70.3.  Brian and I agreed (more or less) that I wouldn't train for a big race this season, because it is so time consuming, and it is a stress on the family.  Moving across the country and starting a new job is enough stress.

I spent some time yesterday coming up with a plan as to how I could train and keep the family from chaos.  It was a brilliant plan.  I knew Brian would be on board. threw a wrench in my plans.  My plan for yesterday: run, spin class, clean the first floor, finish laundry, make dinner.  If I was going to spend the next 15 weeks training, without my family suffering, I would have to be able to do this.

I went for a quick run while the kids were in school.   My shin hurt some, but I thought it was just a little sore.  I was planning on taking a spin class in the evening.  Instead, I had to pick Pnut up from school because she wasn't feeling well.  I spent the afternoon trying to get her to drink so we didn't have to go to the ER for fluids.  I was still planning on taking everyone to the gym, then Pnut starting having stomach problems.  Clearly the gym was no longer an option.  I figured I'd put my bike on the trainer after the kids were in bed.  Instead, at her doctor's request, I took Pnut to the urgent care clinic to see if she was dehydrated.  Thankfully she was not, but she was diagnosed with the stomach flu.

Stomach flu means no school and no gym for the rest of the week.  In addition to Pnut's flu, I'm dealing with the fact that my stress fracture has not healed.  It hurts.  I'm really upset.  I hope my runs this week didn't set me back too far, in terms of healing.  I guess I will call the doctor later today.

How did my plan for yesterday go?
Spin class-nope
Cleaning-I did some, not all.
Laundry-did a load, left loads in the washer and dryer and on the floor.
Dinner-everyone ate (except pnut) but I wouldn't really call it dinner.

Not the best start.  I'm unsure where to go from here.  I'm feeling defeated.


  1. Try to put it behind you and look forward! There will be days that are like that - I have them way too often :(

    I am doing Lake Stevens and would love if you did too!

    As long as your stress fracture starts feeling better, go for it! You can totally do it :)

  2. Don't give up yet. Maybe since Pnut is not feeling well this week you can take it easy and your stress fracture will be that much better. I know it hard but it might be a good thing. Hang in there!