Monday, May 6, 2013

5 Weeks to go-Nothing Left

I had to count that a couple of times.  How can it only be 5 weeks away?!?!  34 days, to be exact.  CRAZY!

Last night, after I put Pnut and Little Dude to bed, I grabbed a glass of wine and my book, and I climbed in bed myself.  I was completely exhausted.  I had nothing left.  It was an amazing feeling. The feeling that I had given everything I had to the week.

I gave my 100%, and it felt great.  

Here are the numbers:

Swam-4100 yards
Biked- 64 miles
Ran- 15 miles

A couple weeks ago, I was telling Erika that I was afraid of the pain of training.  She told me to embrace the pain and get comfortable being uncomfortable.  It sounds crazy, but I got it this week. I knew a 9 mile run, the day after a 43 mile bike (with almost no sleep) was going to hurt.  I made myself ok with the hurt.  I'm hoping that will continue for the next 34 days.  

This week is a pretty bike heavy week. Little Dude is getting his tonsils out tomorrow, so I will more than likely be limited to the trainer.  I will do what I can, but won't beat myself up about missed workouts.  There are more important things to take care of this week.


  1. Wow! So impressive! Hope the tonsil surgery goes okay. Poor little guy.

  2. Great job! Hope Little Dude has a fast recovery!

  3. Great job!! And so glad you're feeling good about your training - you're awesome!
    Keep focused. I know this week will be tough, but know that it's temporary and you'll be ok (and R will be ok too!)
    Good luck today -