Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I was planning on having a little April recap, but I honestly can't remember what happened.

I'm pretty sure Brian and I had date night and we had a family adventure.  Almost certain I didn't drink enough water or eat enough veggies.  Sunday dinners are a bust.  Routines are non-existent.  That binder of recipes I was planning to make....I'm not sure I need a recipe binder when I don't cook.

Here's what my goals should have been for this year:

  • Keep kids alive
  • Train 
So, for May, those are my goals.  

It's going to be tough.  Little Dude is having his tonsils removed next week, and Brian is going out of town at the end of the month.  I'm going to have to get creative.  But I WILL get in ALL of my workouts.  I have promised myself that I will do everything I can, to be as ready as I can be.

I should add, I'm terrified of this months training schedule.  Mostly of riding for so long, by myself.  I miss my training partners terribly. 

That said, time to get to it!  Next stop, Boise!! 


  1. I LOVE YOUR GOALS!!!!!! Those are true to heart goals. Your will rock Boise!!

  2. I was thinking I want to go ride on Burke Gilman this weekend. I probably can't put in all the miles you do, but maybe we could meet up for part of your ride?

    1. That would be awesome!!! I have a 50 mile ride Saturday :)

    2. Uuuuhhhhhmmmm, I almost just choked on my banana (not a euphemism). I was thinking I would ride like, 10-15 miles?

    3. 10-15 miles works. You just have to do it 4 or 5 times :) You can do what you feel up to, and I'll keep going.

  3. Love your May goals;) Have a great ride Saturday! Should be gorgeous:)