Thursday, June 26, 2014


I'm the queen of making plans.  Not plans like "Hey, let's go out tonight.", plans like "I'm going to make sure the kids do enough school work over the summer so they will be ahead next fall."  Or " I'm going to make a detailed marathon training plan that includes yoga, weights and Pilates."

Those are both good plans, and still (some of) my goals for the summer, but things keep getting in my way. Like the chaos I'm living in.  Chaos never used to bother me, now it consumes me.  My brain can't work in chaos.  For some reason I can't think of running 3 miles when there is a laundry mountain on the kitchen table and papers covering the counter tops.

So, I've come up with a plan!  That's right.  Another plan to be able to implement the original plans.  Here it is.....Between now and Sunday when I go to sleep I need to:

  • Figure out the kids summer "school" plans
  • Clean the house
  • De-clutter the house
  • Make sure the kids have everything they need for camp (sunscreen, hats, beach shoes...)
  • Get curtain rods for the kid's rooms (random, I know, but I have curtains and no rods and it's driving me batty)
That's a tall order to complete in 4 days but totally do-able.  Starting Monday I'm back on track!  I'll have a little less than 100 days to get ready for Portland.  Plenty of time (I've been told).

 It has been a difficult/emotional start to summer break.  I need these days to get myself together.  Then I'll be ready to tackle marathon training AND all the amazing summer adventures we plan on having.

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  1. Definitely do what you have to do before training starts. You don't want the extra distractions. Those will happen anyway, but you will be better prepared if you are not worry about some stuff. You got this!