Monday, January 30, 2012

Cost of Children

Children are expensive.  I'm not talking about diapers, doctor bills, education...I expected all of this.

I'm talking about things like the $200 you lose because you try to buy a kitchen table on the last day of the furniture sale, but your children are being such monsters you have to leave before you can purchase the table.  I'm talking about the money you spend on hair dye and wrinkle cream, because in a day they can take years off your life.  Or the under eye concealer you need to hide the giant circles you get from staying up all night with a little boy who needs a snuggle  every time he wakes up.

I didn't think about these things before I had children.  I'm guessing it wouldn't have changed my mind.  This morning I can say it is a small price to pay.  Last night it was iffy.

For the record, we left the store, put the kids down an hour early, then I went back to the store and got the table.  I think I'll add the extra gas I used, driving back to the store, to their bill.

They are expensive, and sometimes I question what I was thinking when I decided to have children, but I can't imagine how boring things would be without them.

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  1. you were thinking "I want to have children".

    Love isn't calculus. And you've always been a shining star at the love part!