Friday, January 20, 2012

Trying not to go overboard

I tend to go overboard sometimes.  I get my mind set on something and it consumes me.  My latest obsession....whole foods.  Not the grocery store.  Eating whole foods.  Real foods.  Whatever you want to call it.  I was turned on to this by my friend Shelley about a year ago. She told me about  I tried, here and there, to do it but it never stuck.

Little Dude has been having stomach problems and he has always had skin issues.  Pnut has been congested since birth.  Having her adenoids removed helped, but it is still an issue. All of this has led me back to the real food.

I recently read Michael Polon's book Food Rules.  It is a very easy read and is full of common sense.  It helped me get an idea of what I was in for.  One thing he mentions is that it is a little more expensive to eat real food.  This is true.  I went to the store this week and got some organic eggs.  They were grass fed, free range, outdoor chickens and the eggs were hand picked.  Fancy pants eggs.  My kids are not huge egg fans but they couldn't get enough of these.  The eggs taste better and they are better for you, but it comes at a price. I saw a sign the other day that said "Pay the farmer now or the doctor later".  Makes sense.

Back to the family.  I started this Tuesday.  Today is Friday.  I told Pnut we were going to try it for 2 days.  No processed food. She's 5 and didn't have a clue what I was talking about so I went with "no food from a box".  She got it.  We broke the news to Brian Monday night.  He gave me a funny look but said he was in.

LD and Pnut's food groups, before this week, consisted of complex carbohydrates, milk and peanut butter.  I was REALLY scared to start this.  They are tiny as it is.  Was I going to starve them?  I decided they could live for 48 hours.  They have done great.  I am so proud of all of us.  Brian even suggested extending it past 48 hours. 4 and we are still good.  I have relaxed my "no box food" rules a little.  We had some whole wheat pasta yesterday.  I have decided what I really want to do is cut out refined sugar.  So that's my plan.

Here is the problem....we are going out to dinner tonight.  It is going to be impossible for me to get Penelope to order "real food".  She will want chicken nuggets or mac and cheese.  I REALLY want her to eat well but I don't want to go overboard.  I don't want her to think this is too restrictive.  I have decided I'm going to let her get what she wants.  Maybe one day she will surprise me and order some grilled fish and veggies :)

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Waiting to hear what P orders!